Credit Card DumPS: What They Are and How To Avoid Them

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If you’re like most people, you probably have a love/hate relationship with credit cards. You love them because they’re convenient and can help you get your finances in order, but you hate them because of all the drama and stress that comes with using them. You’re probably asking yourself: how do I avoid getting into trouble with my credit card? And the answer is: there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are a few tips that might help.


Credit Card Dumps Are Exactly What They Sound Like


In the same way that credit card dumps occur, whenever an identity thief obtains data from your credit card’s magnetic stripe, so do Credit Card Dumps. Credit card numbers and expiry dates are among the pieces of information exposed, and fraudsters may use this information to build a bogus credit card that looks and functions just like your own.


In an effort to counteract this form of fraud, credit card companies have included the EMV chip in their cards. Each time you use your card, this chip generates a one-of-a-kind token, which means that if hackers stole the token, it has already been used.


Nonetheless, as you’ve undoubtedly encountered at the supermarket or another merchant, if the card reader isn’t correctly reading your chip or if your card doesn’t contain a chip, you may still swipe your card as you would normally. A large number of shops, particularly small ones, haven’t even made the switch from magnetic stripe to chip-and-pin card readers.


How Can Hackers Get Your Credit Card Information


According to RobertSiciliano, an identity theft specialist at Hotspot Shield, there are a variety of ways in which identity thieves might make credit Credit Card Dumps, including the following methods:


  • It is possible to suck data from your credit card by placing a phony credit card machine over a valid one. This is something that occurs regularly at petrol stations and ATMs.
  • By infiltrating a point-of-sale credit card machine with malware that replicates the information out of each credit card swiped, the attacker is able to steal credit card information.
  • Hacking into a retailer’s network in order to get access to card information that has been saved there.
  • Taking it over an unprotected internet connection is not recommended.


In the majority of situations, you will not be aware that your credit card details have indeed been obtained until the thief has used it or the shop alerts them of a security breach on their website.


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