Searching for a detox south Florida?

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Are you searching for a detox south Florida? Then you have finally landed on the correct place! 1 solution detox is the leading detox centre in South Florida with mind-blowing features and benefits. Read the article below to know more about the centre and general information.



1solutiondetox -detox south Florida


1 solution detox is the perfect result for your ‘best detox south Florida‘ searches. The centre has helped many lives to change and numerous souls to dive back into the open ocean, away from the part of gloominess and sea monsters. The place, as mentioned, is located in South Florida, thus coming under the detox south Florida category.



Detox South Florida facilities review


1 solution detox has a facility of a Total of 14 beds. The numbers may waver your idea about the centre but there’s a reason behind it. The number of beds is small because the staff and doctors believe in focusing on less and doing their best for them instead of gathering many and messing things up. Rehab and addiction treatment is not a joke, it is a crucial matter and at many times, the patient’s health is at risk. 1 solution detox has a good idea about the topic and this focuses only on a few.


The staff members are 34, each one with experience and knowledge about the task they are given. The staff is kind and smart, knows the details of the work and centre along with studying about the patients they are going to care for. The bonds they create with patients seems lovely if seen through interactions from afar. The accurate calculated size of the infrastructure is 10,000 feet. The area is big and enough for patients to feel refreshed in the open air under nature.


Following is the list of more facilities at 1solutiondetox:


  1. Entertainment – staying at a rehabilitation centre does not mean the patient has to stay alone, get bored and feel lonely. The facilities of entertainment are offered accordingly. Patients are given Headphones, TVs and other common stuff to stay entertained and cheerful. No need for sharing, each one will get their equipment.


  1. Luxury services – the hotel-style maid services give the patient a complete experience of staying in a 5-star hotel with luxury around. The room set up including the bedding is done in a manner that would easily convince anyone that he/she is staying in a lavish hotel, let alone the thought of staying in a rehab wandering in the head.


  1. 24/7 staff and medical team support – the team for medical help are always on active mode while a pair of staff members will compulsorily stay near the room’s area for the immediate help of the patient.


  1. 24/7 open area and group rooms – want to feel free and fresh? The walkout in the open air even if it’s past 2 in the morning. Similar condition with group rooms.


  1. 24/7 outdoor and indoor facility use – Patients are allowed to use the indoor as well as outdoor areas whenever they feel like using them.

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