What Points Does An Ideal Pet Portrait Can Include?

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A pet portrait can vary from different types of things that can be the choice of paper, choice of design of your color and style of portrait, and also considering the perfect size of your pet portrait. The ultimate pet portrait guide can help you decide the various factors that can decide how ideal your personalised pet portraits can be. Well, if you are looking for such a guide, you must read this article ahead.


Paper versus canvas


The portrait’s base defines the quality of the portrait in a different way; this is the feature that can make your portrait look High definition or standard definition. Canvas is a base on which paintings are made, and this base is made up of cotton material. Such type of base is suitable for making portraits through oil and acrylic paintings.


Paper is normal that you use in your day to day life and it is mostly used by the people to draw different items on their own, such paper is used in making paintings that involve pencil sketches or charcoal drawings.


When you make your choice in the category of portrait that you want to buy, the artist themselves can make the clever decision on which they will draw it.


Size of your portrait


The size of the portrait can vary on your demand and use of the portrait, different type of sizes that are available are:-


Small size: the standard small size that can be of a portrait can be of 6”x6” to 12”x12”. In case you have less space in your home you should make a clever choice and should go for a small size portrait. The only drawback that a small size portrait can carry is that you will have to compromise with your pet’s details in this size.


Medium size: the most common and primary type of portrait that people usually love to buy is the medium size; a medium-size portrait can be all in one portrait that can include the details of your pet and that too in a considerable amount. So this makes the portrait cheap and classy the basic size in this category is 12”x16” to 24”x24”.


Large size: when you are looking for a luxurious and royal look in your house, so the best option is to choose a large size for your personalised pet portraits. They are the best portrait that can help you to figure out the details of your portrait at its best and looks incredibly attractive.


The size that comes under this category is 24”x36” to 36”x48”; such size will be the best thing that can hang on your couch or living area walls.




By now, it is clear that the pet portrait is available in many sizes and categories, so you can make a better choice according to your reasons to buy the custom pet portrait. You can also keep in mind the type of portrait that you want a sketch, oil painting or charcoal, etc.


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