Questions to Ask Before Hiring Moving Companies

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Hiring a moving company to help you with your next move can be a daunting task. Many companies advertise moving services. How do you find a good moving company? What do you look for when hiring a moving company? Here are some suggestions for finding good  Out of State Moving Company. Read on to learn more about these suggestions.


A quality moving company will make an accurate, fair, and very detailed estimate of the belongings that they are moving. The estimate should include an itemized list of the moving costs, which consist of: a charge for the mover to haul his possessions to their new location, charges for the transportation of these possessions, and a charge for the storage of these possessions until your new address is reached. An experienced moving company will also take inventory of your belongings personally and/or through a virtual walkthrough, verify the total weight and mass of your entire move both in person and via a remote viewing system.


Durable – Moving companies should not only be reliable but they should also be durable so that your possessions are not damaged in the process of being moved. When hiring a moving company, ask if they use high-quality packing materials and/or machinery for moving your household items.


United States homeowners are advised to purchase packing materials from moving supply and warehouse companies to ensure that the items arrive in good condition, and are protected against moisture, insects, breakage, and bad weather. Before hiring a company, also check the insurance and whether there are any restrictions on using these moving supplies in the home state of residence. In addition, if you are hiring a company that is not licensed, it is wise to find out whether there are any zoning restrictions in the areas where you move to.


Prompt Service – Moving day is important to the comfort of you and your family so make sure the moving company you hire offers at least a 24-hour emergency service. Find out how long the process usually takes to move someone from one floor of their house to another. Does the company have the necessary equipment to transport the items safely? Are the employees experienced and trained?


Customer Service Policy – The moving company you hire should be able to provide you with a written customer service policy. Check the policy for information about property damage coverage. If there is a limit on covered damages, make sure the mover is clear on what that limit is. You need to make sure the company abides by all local and federal regulations for transporting your belongings so make sure you check with the Department of Transportation before signing any contract or delivery agreement.


Hiring moving and packing services should not be done lightly. There are many different advantages and disadvantages to a move. The advantages include time savings, the ability to move without having to pack everything yourself and having peace of mind that your possessions will be properly moved to your new home. The disadvantages include higher expenses, having to deal with unscrupulous movers, and damaging items during transportation. The most important thing to do when hiring movers is to do your homework and ask questions to make sure the company you choose is experienced, reputable and has good customer service.

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