Misfueling a car can be a nightmare

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It is a problem that nobody would want to think about, but with majority of the petrol stations having various fuels readily available, it is very possible to put the wrong fuel in your car accidentally. It could be that you weren’t paying close attention to what you were doing and you placed petrol in the diesel engine or it could accidentally happen that you filled your tank full with diesel fuel when in actual sense, you required petrol. That is the time the wrong fuel near me  come in handy to sort you out.

It is an embarrassing something that if you see the way fuel stations are set up, you can be able to know why it is possible putting the wrong fuel in your car. The wrong fuel unfortunately can end up causing problems with the diesel fuel being propellant and a lubricant at the same time, and thus placing petrol in a diesel vehicle will end up stripping out the engine lubrication and causing metal components to end up grinding all together. The petrol being placed in the diesel engine is bad news as well for the car, as it will end up doing serious damage to the engine.

The problem of having to place petrol in the diesel engine is very common in most states especially since the diesel cars are currently popular. There is an estimated 150000 people that make the mistake of having to put petrol in the diesel car yearly. The opposite problem does not frequently happen though. The nozzle of the diesel tend to be bigger than the ones for the rest and because of that, they will not fit in the petrol tanks of majority of the cars.

In case you happen to put petrol by accident in your diesel car, you don’t have to start the car. Majority of the damage that is caused by this problem does come not from the act of placing the wrong fuel in the car, but from having to start the car and to drive away. When you start the car, it will circulate the wrong fuel accelerating the issue.

If you find that you filled your car which is diesel powered with petrol, but the filling of the tank is about 10% of its capacity, you need to be fine if you stop to pump petrol and fill it immediately with the diesel. If it is over 10%, then you will have to go for the fuel drain.

Majority of the garages offer fuel drain on the cars, but they will end up charging a lot of money in order for the problem to be fixed. The good thing is that, there are mobile companies which offer roadside repair which is quite useful considering that you don’t have to drive when it happens. Majority of the mobile repair companies do pride themselves in being in a position of reaching to their customers within the shortest time possible and to perform a fuel drain in less than 30 minutes.

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