Top 5 Marijuana Strains for Pain Management

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Marijuana or weed is more than just for fun and for getting high. There are medical strains available in the market that allow individuals to combat pain and discomfort that has been crippling their lives. If you buy weed online and have been looking for some potent strains for pain management, there are quite a few options to look into.


This article will highlight all the top weed strains that are perfect for handling pain and discomfort in the long run.


  • Sour Diesel


If there’s one marijuana strain that is versatile and works well for fun and therapeutic benefits, it is Sour Diesel. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that will keep you charged throughout the day without any high engaging impacts on your body. The strain has high THC, so you are bound to be hit with the high almost immediately. That said, it induces an uplifting high and reduces complaints of pain and inflammation in the body.


  • White Widow


Don’t get deterred by the name of this strain. White Widow is a very potent cannabis strain that helps with pain management. The strain doesn’t induce an immediate high but grows on you gradually. In the meantime, it can relieve pain, aches and inflammation in the body that you are complaining about. The strain is Indica-dominant and works great for dealing with insomnia and anxiety too.


  • Blueberry


If you are a beginner weed smoker who doesn’t enjoy extremely pungent or skunkyflavor profile strains, Blueberry is a good alternative. Besides relieving pain and discomfort, the strain has potent benefits in relieving signs of stress and anxiety too. This is also one of the few strains in the market that has high THC and high CBD levels in it. So, not only do you get to enjoy the fun side of the strain, you get to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the strain as well.


  • ACDC


If we had to particularly talk about medicinal marijuana, ACDC is a potent option to look into. The strain is ideal for individuals struggling with pain and discomfort and doesn’t have very strong intoxicating feelings if that is something you are worried about. However, this is a Sativa-dominant strain, so you are bound to experience the full-body high of this strain for prolonged periods.


  • Northern Lights


Last on the list of best strains for pain management is Northern lights. Not just for pain, the strain works equally well in relieving discomfort and inducing a relaxing feeling. It induces instant mental relaxation and relieves signs of stress and anxiety in smokers. The strain is very popular in the common medical dispensary.


Nobody likes to experience pain and discomfort. While you should consult your primary care doctor, studies have found that smoking marijuana has potent benefits in relieving the pain and managing its impacts in the long run. If you have been looking for some potent options, we have sorted them out for you to look into.

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