Mermaid baby swimwear will bring out the Ariel in your little one

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Are you planning to bring your lovely baby to the beach for the first time? What fun? But, are you in a rut because you cannot find the perfect swimwear that would both look cute and feel safe? Been there. Done that. Most parents have been all been in the same situation, once.


Finding a unique design


The thing is, there are a variety swimwear designs in the market for kids and adults to choose from. But finding the best baby swimwear that would fit your little one’s needs seems to be a difficult and impossible task. Rush guards always look big. Two-piece swimsuits look too common!


You want something unique and cute. Something that screams the word “adorable” and would make baby’s first beach day an unforgettable one. Think fairy-tale princess. Think Disney but you are definitely not making little cherub puddle in the water in a complete Cinderella ensemble. Snowhite is also out of the question.


Get that mermaid tail


Getting a baby swimwear in mermaid design for baby’s first day at the beach is a good choice because what is more fitting? You could never go wrong with this design because not only does it look cute but it is also considered as one of the safest swimwear for little babies to wear.


There are a lot of colors to choose from. Pink is almost always the first pick for girls. You can just pair it with a matching pink baby bikini top and little one is good to go. Red, yellow, and green, just like that of Ariel’s is just as pretty.




If your baby happens to be male but you really want to buy one of those cute mermaid tails, that is no problem! You can have him play merman. Pick the tail with the most neutral color and plain detailing. Blue would be the most ideal color for baby boys.


The Dad might raise an eye brow over that choice. Naturally, dads would choose masculine characters for their sons such as marvel and DS comics characters. But superhero characters are already common place in the baby apparel department. We want something unique and fun for baby’s first day out at the beach.




Aside from the cute design, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before purchasing your mermaid swimwear of choice. It’s the same thing as buying sleepwear, blanket, or baby’s bath essential. You cannot bet on your baby’s safety. Oftentimes, a cute design is not synonymous with good quality.


Don’t forget to do your research first before adding that cute mermaid swimwear to your cart. Always consider the type of material used and the sizing. You do not want your baby to have allergies because the cloth of the swimwear is not suited for his or her skin type. You also do not want baby’s movement to be restricted because the swimwear is too tight or to constantly be pulling it up to baby’s waist because it is too loose.


Other types of swimwear such as rash guards, one-piece, and two-piece are just as cute as a mermaid fin tail but if you want a unique and fun design for your baby that is not mainstream, it is one of the best choices that you can look for. It is worth a try!

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