What is RSO and are RSO Capsules Good for your Health?

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RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is a marijuana extract. Grain alcohol is the most common solvent used for producing RSO. However, sometimes other solvents like butane or ethanol are also used for this purpose.

To kick in, RSO requires 30 minutes- 1.5 hours. A modified version of taking the RSO is to squeeze it into a fruit and take it. Besides chronic pain, RSO is good for numerous health issues. As compared to other medical marijuana alternatives, RSO is great because of its high level of THC.

What are RSO capsules?

After understanding the meaning of RSO let’s go ahead towards RSO capsules. They are made with powdered RSO and are offered in 5, 25 and 100 mg doses.

Some of the common uses of RSO capsules are as follows

1. Cancer treatment

It is noted that the capsules are beneficial for controlling the growth of cancer cells. Besides cancer, the drug is also capable to control the growth of tumor cells. So, they are recommended by worldwide doctors for cancer treatment.

2. Proper sleep

Recently, several people are suffering from sleep disorders because of different reasons. As you know, proper sleep is a must for relaxing our minds. So, we can’t ignore the major issues like a sleep disorder. RSO capsules can help you to relax your body and to take proper sleep.

3. Reducing stress

Stress and depression can be easily noticed in today’s modern generation. They work like a machine and forget to take out some time for themselves. But they are unaware that they are suffering from depression.

So, RSO capsules are advisable for controlling stress and depression. Consequently, it enables them to enjoy their life to the fullest.

RSO capsules and edibles

As discussed earlier, various ways are available today for ingesting cannabis. The 2 most popular methods among them are capsules and edibles.

Edibles are offered in the form of cookies, gummies, chocolates etc. How many edibles you can take depends on numerous factors. Such as your weight, requirements, previous experience and a lot more. So, inform your doctor about all these factors and if you take any other drugs. After that, he/she will tell you whether you should take edibles or not?

On the same token, capsules are the easiest way to take your dosage. Remember to start with smaller doses and increase the limits if required. Meanwhile, don’t increase your dosage if the benefits can be achieved at the 25 mg level.

A consumer should change his timings and dosage only after informing his doctor. Or else, you have to face side effects like headache, vomiting, fever etc.


You have heard or seen RSO capsules in a weed dispensary. But before reading this article, many of us don’t know what is it and why they are consumed? Am I right? As compared to flowers, concentrates, pipes and edibles they are easy to consume and can show their results within a few minutes.

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