Frequently asked questions about kosher travels

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Kosher is nothing but a food item that is considered holy to consume according to the traditions of the Jews. Every orthodox Jewish family will follow this tradition and they will avoid certain food items. Although they will be getting such items in their localities, it becomes tedious to follow kosher if they are moving to another location where they had never been before. Let us assume that you are going to a distant location from your home but wish to follow kosher. So, it is termed Kosher travel. It is not tedious to find a travel agency that ensures kosher facilities for your family during the travel. However, it will be helpful if you also know what to do while going on a trip while following kosher. Hence, it is recommended to go through the following answers for the most frequently asked questions about kosher travels.

Is the kosher certificate necessary to buy food items?

During your travel, you may need some food items or drinks on various occasions. However, you cannot buy and consume from wherever you want as you are following kosher. So, it is mandatory to check whether the provider’s shop is certified with kosher or not. Even if you want to drink coffee, you should buy it from such a certified shop. You may think that the ingredients of the item you buy are kosher. However, the equipment used to prepare that food could be non-kosher. So, it is advisable to go with a certified shop where nothing will be non-kosher.

Will the item cooked using the BBQ used for meat and fish form kosher food?

Certain varieties of meat and fish are included in kosher food items. However, there are some restrictions for the equipment used for cooking to come under the category of kosher. In this aspect, a BBQ that is used to cook meat and fish simultaneously will not be considered as equipment eligible to cook kosher food items. It is because of the minimal possibility to clean the grill before each session. So, it is better to avoid such a spot and item if you are following kosher.

Can we drink soda from a vending machine?

Throughout the USA, you will find vending machines certified with OU or any other kosher certification-issuing body. Likewise, your destination may have vending machines that are made of equipment that contribute to only kosher items. If so, you can drink soda coming from those machines.

How could a synagogue help kosher travelers?

The primary headache of kosher travelers is about the presence of kosher food items and other kosher stuff in that new place. As a synagogue will be present in that locality itself, they will be aware of these kosher places and spots. Hence, you will also get to know about their locations through the people from these worship areas.

Will all the flights and cruise ships offer kosher items?

Not all flights and cruise ships would offer kosher items and it is your responsibility to ensure the availability beforehand.




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