Why Should You choose Leather Holsters?

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For firearm lovers, holsters are more than just a carry case and a mere accessory. Not only holsters are practical and safe, but they also make your firearm-handling convenient, stylish, elegant, and special. When it comes to leather, gun-lovers go crazy for it. It has a unique charm, sturdy design, handcrafted feel, and every bit of perfection that you look for. This article focuses on highlighting the features of leather holsters.


What are leather holsters?

The pretty firearm cases designed out of leather as a piece of fabric are the Leather holsters. These are traditional and the oldest choice of all shooters. Leather has been used for ages in making holsters due to its organic nature, flexibility, and retention to the gun. A benchmark has been set by leather, and its perfection can’t be matched by synthetic materials.


Reasons to choose leather holsters

Leather has a handcrafted perfection which makes it unique and special. Following are the reasons why you should choose leather holsters for your gun.


  • Durability: Leather has been the most durable material for centuries. Similar to leather boots, coats, and belts, leather holsters last for a lifetime without any damage. The more you wear leather, the more it opens up, and hence, it becomes more and more elegant.


  • Perfect fitting: Leather holsters give the best fit to your firearms. They are designed in a way to cover all the parts of the gun including the trigger, barrel, and guard locks. Specific designs can be made for the best fir that engulfs your gun and keeps it safe.


  • Convenience: Once made into the shape, leather molds into the shape of your firearm. It can be used in shoulder holsters for rigs and straps, which are comfortable to your body. It is soft, non-irritating, non-chaffing, and non-sticky to your body, and it adapts better.


  • Stylish designs: All kinds of designs are possible with leather, be it the fabric or the aging, leather markings look graceful. There is a classic charm and elegance in leather holsters.




  1. What customizations can be done with a leather holster?

A leather holster is fully available for every kind of modification. You can select the type of leather for yourself, be it Alligator skin, Ostrich leg, Elephant skin, Stingray skin, Crocodile skin, and many more. For the holster style, you can contact your manufacturer for urban, crossdraw, purse, professional, and concealed designs, with IWB and OWB customizations. In these holsters, you can choose your comfort design, including flaps, trigger guard locks, and straps. You only need to make proper discussions about your firearm with your manufacturer.


  1. Do leather holsters need oiling or greasing?

No, it’s a big no to use any kind of grease on the leather holsters. Any spray meant for lubrication, such as the silicone spray or the leather lightning, is not supposed to be used on the holster. such products will make your holster extra slippery causing the gun the slide out of the holster without any breaks. Also, the leather may react with the chemicals in these lubricants that could tarnish the finish of your holster.

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