A Guide to Getting Your carnet a2 (a2 card) License

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Possessing an A2 license is vital. It permits you to operate a motorbike or scooter without being supervised by a fully-licensed driver. Even if you don’t expect to ride soon, it may make your life simpler. For example, some locations only allow A2 license holders to park in specified zones.


To get your carnet a2 (a2 card) license, you need to pass five tests. These are the same tests needed for G1 and G2 drivers, but they apply to motorcycles and mopeds instead of cars. If you’re not sure what these tests are, read on!



What is an A2 license?


An A2 license is a type of driver’s license. It means that you are allowed to drive a motorcycle or moped. This is something that people who’ve never driven a motorcycle or moped have to learn the hard way.


The test consists of five parts:


1. Motorcycle Safety Awareness


Is it safe to cycle? Will you watch other drivers? Not only other drivers. Do you know safe motorcycle riding? That you must be aware of your environment and fellow humans. It could help with parking. Turning must be seen.


You must be 18 and have passed the G1 and G2 examinations. The motorcycle knowledge exam is shorter but more difficult. Succeeding in the exam results in a certificate. It may be videotaped. License for motorbike or scooter required.



2. Operation of a Motorcycle


Do you feel confident about riding a motorcycle? Do you know what to look for when you’re out on the road? These are just a couple of the areas you’ll have to take part in this exam. You’ll need to understand the rules of the road, what you can do to make room for other vehicles, and other things.



3. Operation of a Motorcycle with Stopped Traffic


Your next step should be to learn to ride a motorcycle. This is a useful skill for all drivers and especially for motorcycle salespeople.


Driving a motorcycle requires riding one first. That’s the first test. You must ride your motorcycle through many parking lots and quickly halt at a line of cars. While turning, you’ll need to signal pauses and adjust mirrors. On a hill, you’ll need the same skill. Then take the motorcycle theory test.



4. Deterrent Operations


To get your carnet a2 (a2 card), you have to pass three tests that will be more difficult than your G1/G2 tests. These tests are known as the deterring operations, and they test the ways that you’ll drive a motorcycle or moped once you get your carnet a2 (a2 card). You can find out what these operations are by reviewing your country’s legislation.


Lifting Height Work


This is the most demanding procedure and might be tough for rookie motorcycle/moped drivers. Lifting a motorbike or moped into the air requires a precise height and body part-use.



5. Distracted Driving


This test has three parts.


a) How do you handle an emergency? 

b) How do you handle a situation that requires your full attention? 

c) How do you handle a situation where you cannot immediately react? 


If you pass the first part, you have passed the distracted driving test. What is Distracted Driving?


Distracted driving refers to using a cell phone or an electronic device while driving. This can include playing games, texting, or listening to music. This can put your driving, your passengers, and the other cars around you in danger.

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