Notable additional features of Google chrome to know

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You would have seen the search bar and settings option on Google chrome mostly. However, the features of chrome are not limited to these. Once you download it from a chrome installer, you can get to explore these features one by one. Let us go through some notable additional features of chrome.

Sending tabs

You would be familiar with sending text messages to other devices. However, you can even send the tabs that you are working on to other devices if you wish them to be open on those devices. For instance, let us assume that your chrome is signed in with the same account on both your laptop and your mobile. If you wish the same tab on your lap to open on your mobile, you can use the “send to your device” option in chrome and choose your mobile. All the connected devices will be seen there to let you choose. So, there is no need to start fresh and reach that URL on your mobile.

Restoring tabs

Among all the other features listed here, this ability may be familiar to you. If your system goes off unexpectedly while you are working on chrome, you can restart the system and can continue with the same tabs by restoring them in chrome. Likewise, you can get the recently closed tabs whenever the chrome gets closed unexpectedly.

Voluntary restore

Sometimes, the system may remain on but you wish to close the chrome as it is not of current use. However, you may need to continue working on the same tabs from where you left. There is a misconception that the tabs will go away once you close the chrome. However, if you change a particular setting called On start-up, you can close and continue from the same point in chrome. So, there is no necessity for your chrome tabs to be open all the time until your work is done.

Task manager

You would know the presence of a task manager on your desktop or laptop that shows the information on the performance and memory usage on the device. Similarly, you can have a task manager for your chrome browser also. You can open it by clicking on the menu option of chrome and then clicking on More Tools and Task Manager. If there are any issues with the browser, you can diagnose them here. This feature is exclusive to chrome and you cannot find this in most other browsers.

Customizable new page

In all browsers, you will get to see a new page where your browsing would start. However, most browsers will have this new page in the default format. However, chrome provides you with some customizability options letting you change the new page backdrop according to your wish. For instance, you can change the background of the new page. You can also set shortcuts to your favorite tabs and URLs on this new page. If you do not set manually, frequently visited pages would appear there as shortcuts. Likewise, new page customization will be helpful.


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