The Top 5 Metal Framing Products You Need to Know

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Metal framing has been a popular choice for DIYers and professionals alike because it offers you the ability to create any project. Whether you are looking for a simple frame or something more complex, metal framing can accommodate your needs. This blog post will go over the top few metal framing products that every professional should know about.


  1. U-channel


It comes in either plastic or steel, u-channels are used for making simple frames. These channels have a wide range of uses and can be attached to wood studs via screws or nails. They also offer the ability to join two pieces together with ease by simply squeezing them shut. U-channels are available in widths from ¼” up to 32 inches, depending on your needs.


This type of framing is perfect when working on smaller projects where you need something more than just basic frame support but nothing too complicated that requires other types of metal framing products.


  1. L-channel


This type of framing is similar to u-channels in that they can be attached to wood studs, but instead of the L shape, it has an I shaped frame. This means you will need less material than other frames (such as square tubing), which makes your projects cost-effective while still providing exceptional strength and support for larger jobs.


L channels are available in widths from ¼” up to 16 inches, depending on your needs. They also come in either plastic or steel options like their u channel counterparts do. The erectastep metal l shaped framing is one of the most common types used because it offers you choices in how large or small your frame needs to be.


  1. S-channel


S channels are also great for making simple frames, but they offer something the other framing products do not. These metal pieces have a lip that hangs over one side, allowing you to join two pieces together by simply overlapping them and then screwing or bolting them into place. This is perfect when working with larger projects where more support is needed than just what uchannels can provide.


S channels are available in widths from ¼” up to 12 inches depending on your needs again. They come in either plastic or steel options as well, so it will be easy to find one that fits within your budget while still getting the job done right.


  1. Mending Plate


Mending plates are perfect when you need to join two pieces of metal together. These small metal bars can be found in plastic or steel options, meaning they will fit into any budget while still providing the support needed for your project. In addition, they come in different sizes depending on what job you have at hand, which means that these little guys do offer something for every metallic framing task imaginable.


  1. Square Tubing


Square tubing is great for making more complicated frames that require support in all directions. These metal pieces are perfect when working with anything from small to large projects because they allow the ability to work easily on smaller items or things that need a bit of extra strength, like larger buildings and structures.




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